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Classic Cat

Classic Cat 14 Foot Open Cockpit Catboat

Building dreams that last a lifetime

The Classic Cat is a 14 foot gaff rigged catboat whose lineage can be traced back to any number of small catboats that sailed the waters of New England in the last century. Over the years, we have made some concessions to modern boat building materials that have added to the value and attractiveness of the boat while making seasonal maintenance more manageable for the owner. The overall appearance is traditional but efficient. The wooden spars round out a beautiful, functional package that is a joy to sail either single handed or in pleasant company. The hollow rig is very light and the 35-40lb mast is easily stepped by the owner. We are currently working on a tabernacle version for those sailors who would be interested in trailering their boats to new waters.


LOA: 14' 0"
LWL: 12' 9"
Beam: 7' 0"
Draft: 10" board up, 30" board down
Displacement: 650 lbs.
Sail Area: 147 square feet

Basic Price $21,500.00

The Classic Cat's large open cockpit with its comfortable bench seats can accommodate four or more adults. The classic beam (half the overall length) and the single gaff rigged sail ensure a stable ride that is both forgiving and challenging according to the skipper's ability or enthusiasm of the moment. The Classic Cat is ever-changing from kid-friendly to race-ready; from laid back picnic transportation to a reef down in a stiff wind. The versatility of a catboat design is well documented in Stan Grayson's The Cape Cod Catboat and John Leaven's The Catboat Book, both a must read for anyone looking to understand this boat's true characteristics. We are particularly fond of the design and performance of our Classic Cat.

Standard Equipment:

  • Standard colors: White hull, grey deck and off-white interior
  • Composite sole with positive flotation
  • Bench style cedar seats
  • Nonskid deck and interior
  • Mahogany coaming and rails
  • Mahogany centerboard trunk enclosure
  • Teak rails
  • Running hardware: Garhauer blocks
  • Hollow Douglas mast varnished and completely rigged
  • Solid Douglas fir boom and gaff varnished and rigged
  • Dacron sail, ties and bag
  • Boom crutch
  • PVC centerboard
  • Plywood rudder, faired to foil shape
  • Hand crafted ash tiller
  • Antifouling bottom paint

Optional Equipment:

Teak woodwork: Price upon request
Varnish finish on trim: $850.00
Cockpit cover: $550.00
Outboard Motor Bracket: $425.00
Track and slides boom and gaff: $525.00
Spring line cleats $125.00
Swivel mainsheet block: $175.00
Centerboard and rudder faired: $350.00
Kick up rudder: $590.00
Galvanized trailer to fit boat: Price upon request
Sail number: Price upon request
Name: Price upon request