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Production Boats

Builders of the Classic Cat, Baybird and Hurricane

Building memories that last a lifetime

Pleasant Bay Boat and Spar Company continues the long standing tradition of building beautiful hand crafted sailboats based on proven designs which have evolved over the years into what we proudly offer today:

The 14 foot Classic Cat is a 14 foot catboat with a big open cockpit, built as a fiberglass or wood hull, with mahogany trim and hollow wooden spars, beautifully designed and built by skilled craftsmen

The 18 foot Baybird Sloop is an 18 foot gaff rigged sloop designed by Starling Burgess and built by William Chamberlain in 1916, and sailed continuously on Pleasant Bay, Cape Cod since 1920, and now being built as a cold molded hull with mahogany trim and wooden spars.

The 18 foot Hurricane Sloop is an 18 foot gaff rigged sloop redesigned by Merv Hammatt using the original Cape Dory Typhoon mold as a basis for a keel/centerboard day sailor with traditional wooden trim and spars.