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Wooden Flagpoles

Builders of superb wooden spars and flagpoles

Building memories that last a lifetime

We produce a superbly designed and engineered wooden flagpole built to the same high standards as our spars. Our poles have ranged in length from eight to eighty feet. The shop is fully equipped to handle a full spectrum of architectural and design requirements and boasts a 56 foot lathe. Pleasant Bay Boat and Spar Company is truly a unique shop that can turn a custom pole of any specification. (Link to the Tabacinic Columns to see a project that stretched our dimensional capabilities.)

Our poles are engineered using eight staves that are milled, tapered then jointed with a "bird's mouth" 90° edge joint. This process guarantees that each stave is vertical grain, with very few, if any defects. They are glued with Gougeon Bros. West System© Epoxy which results in stronger lighter poles with no knots or poor grain structure. The base is built up with an interior eight sided plug which is tapered for drainage.

Pleasant Bay Boat and Spar Company has more than forty years of design experience. We bring all our cumulative knowledge of engineering and design principles to the drawing board. Whether your pole is installed in a residential or commercial setting, we will work with you to obtain the best results possible. We have consulted with Navel Architect Eric Sponberg of Sponberg Designs to analyze our construction methods by the use of computer models in order to calculate different stress effects on our poles. The results are significant insofar that they unequivocally support our rational for hollow construction.

Stave dimensions are determined by a formula based on the overall diameter at the butt. The formula requires that the wall thickness is 20% of the overall diameter which is above the acceptable rule. The findings documented By Eric Sponberg have concluded that this method will withstand winds up to 120mph.

The pole is finished with a coat of marine grade sealer, primer and two topcoats. Our poles come complete with a lignum vitae truck, which is a traditional method of rigging the halyard, similar to a deadeye on a traditional sailing vessel. This system eliminates the possibility of hardware jamming or corroding at the tip. Lignum vitae is impervious to decay and needs no special finish.

The flagpoles are topped with a gilded wooden ball, which is turned by hand to fit your pole. We typically use fir, then prime and topcoat it in preparation for gilding. The gold leaf should outlast any aluminum ball or painted surface.

We recommend installing the flagpole with a tabernacle, which consists of two pressure-treated posts bolted to the base of the flagpole and set in a concrete footing below ground. This allows the pole to be pivoted for lowering, which simplifies maintenance.

A clear varnish or urethane finish is available for an extra charge. We can also apply a wood stain with stunning results.

We ship our flagpoles to customers across the country and beyond, from New Jersey to Washington state, and have shipped as far away as Bermuda. Shipping costs vary according to weight and distance. Contact our office for a quote.