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Wooden Spars Process

Builders of superb wooden spars and flagpoles

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Pleasant Bay Boat and Spar Company has refined the process for both box section (stayed fractional rigs) and hollow eight sided round spars. Both construction methods share the same principle: that a hollow cross section is stronger and lighter than a solid one. Using modern adhesives has essentially eliminated the need for a solid spar. The process allows the spar maker to choose each stave or side for grain and wood quality without the inherent surprises sometimes found in a solid timber.

Eight sided spars are cut to diameter, tapered then run through a 90 degree cutter resulting in the "bird's mouth" joint. This gives a better gluing surface and aides in the set up of the eight staves, which lock together easily. Blocking is located at partners, hounds and trucks, stabilizing where needed without the extra weight. The inside surfaces are coated with epoxy before glue up and limber holes are located at the butt for drainage.

Box section spars are typically designed for stayed fractional rigs, and may require more planning for hardware and wiring. Our joinery is exact and well conceived. Blocking for spreaders and partners is planned carefully. Mast heads are exceptionally complicated involving tangs, sheaves and wiring that all must perform perfectly. Since these rigs are often found on yachts, the quality and degree of finish is particularly important.